These Two Birds Get The House To Themselves. It’s Party Time!

When we think about pets there are certain animals that immediately come to mind. The first two being cats and dogs. While we love these animals dearly they can be quite the handful, simply because of their size. While cats and dogs are great options as pets there are other animals that people choose.

Of these other animals there are rabbits, fish, snakes and even horses. One animal that wasn’t always so popular in the past but is quickly rising in popularity are birds. When you think of household pets normally you don’t instantly think of birds but more and more people are starting to get these cute little guys as their pets now.

Parrots seem to be the main type of bird that people choose to have as pets. One woman who decided to make a video actually has two birds. One of these feathered friends is a black headed caique named Enzo and the other one is a white bellied caique named Isaac.

Isaac and Enzo are good buddies and are known to play and chatter an awfully lot. But because both of these guys are so bold they sometimes clash a little bit, but don’t worry it’s all in good fun. This bird mama decide to tape her two birdies walking around and playing together, they also scuffle a bit in the video but honestly we find it kind of cute!

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