Two Brother Bulldog Puppies Get Into Quarrel. I Thought I Was Watching A WWE Match!

Siblings, no matter the species, will always get into fights. It’s not that they hate each other, it’s that being in close proximity with each other has got to annoy even the friendliest siblings. What used to be cute at one point suddenly becomes SO irritating. Even something minor like a whistling nose can suddenly launch what seems like World War Three. Those familial dynamics are on display in this video here.

We see two bulldog puppies sitting together on a sofa. One is trying to rest and starts getting annoyed when the other one starts pawing at the fabric on the sofa. The sleeping one gets up and gets in the other’s face. Ooh. Big mistake. The other one is like, “What do you think you’re doing?” and they start play-biting each other’s mouths. This is the point where if they were in a WWE wrestling match, the crowd would start going wild.

It quickly becomes clear that one puppy is more dominant than the other one. He leaps on top of his sibling and starts play-chewing his ear and pinning him to the sofa. If this were wrestling, the referee would be hovering nearby ready to count out a pin. The other dog gamely tries to push his way out, but his brother is too strong. He also tries to wriggle from underneath, but all the other doggie does is shift his weight and he remains on top of him.

You can almost imagine the dominant puppy barking in the other one’s ear,” SAY IT!” “No!” “I SAID, ‘SAY IT!!’” “NEVER!” “I’m not getting off you until you do! Stop struggling!” “Sigh. Fine. You are the handsomest bulldog on the planet!” “That’s not all of it!” “Really?” “Yes!” “OK. OK. You’re also the strongest one, too.” “You got that right! Now go fetch me another milk bone, you little wimp…”

I’m sure that the two of the made up soon thereafter and were snoozing together five minutes later. Have you had sibling experiences like this? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section!

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