These Two Brothers Have Been Separated Too Long! When They Reunite? What Chatty Cats!

When people film one cat, there’s plenty of cute things to catch them doing – jumping, climbing, stretching, eating, blinking… you name it. But when you have TWO cats together, the chances of finding cute gold rises exponentially. Especially if they are right next to each other. Like the two cats that you see here in this video. Prepare yourselves.

We see two cats lying next to each other. Within seconds, they begin a “conversation” with each other. There is a version where someone imagines what they say, but I find this video works better where they leave it to your own imagination what’s being said. Personally, I think one is saying that he has a headache, probably from the dog next door barking all the time or something and the other is being sympathetic. Finally, the complainer rests his head on the ground and the other one licks it, as if to make him feel better.

I have two cats and I’ve never seen them “talk” like this. Most of the time, they are either sleeping near each other, one is trying to hump the other, and they both get REALLY cranky when they are hungry, which results in a cat MMA fight, with hissing and an occasional scratch. I wish they’d have a conversation. Maybe my older male cat can finally explain to the female why, despite being fixed, he tries to hump her. “It’s like Austin Powers, baby. I still think I have my Mojo…”

You want to know the hilarious thing here? I was watching this video on my television and my cats, who were previously sleeping on the sofa, suddenly simultaneously perked up and started watching the screen raptly. Their eyes were glued on the screen until the end of it. Then the male started humping the female again. Sigh. But for a few glorious minutes, it’s like they realized that the cats on there were speaking their language. I wonder if the same phenomenon occurred in other households with cats. The watching the video part, not the other part…

I give this video two thumbs up. How about you? Leave a comment below!

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