Two Cats Become Friends With A Little Snail

This video is cute enough to make even those who are indifferent towards cats say “aww!” Unlike dogs, who are considered man’s best friend and praised for helping people, cats are often disregarded. There are also several unfair stereotypes about these furry animals that have been passed down for decades.

But then there are those cats who prove to the world just how wonderful felines can be. Come on, who could forget about the cat who saved her human friend from a vicious dog?

The two cats below are just as incredible for befriending someone unexpected. They befriended a slimy little snail. Who would have imagined that?

The snail is seen sitting on the paw of one of the cats, and she doesn’t seem bothered at all. In fact, she seems quite ready for a nap and responds to her friend’s curiosity by licking her. As for the other cat, he seems so curious to find out who this little creature is. At one point, he even tries to lick the snail. But, by the end of the adorable clip, it seems the cat on the left had enough of her friend’s eagerness and seems to protect the snail from whatever her friend has in mind for it. Watch what she does

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