Two Cats Are About To Fight. Watch What The One Cat Does!

If you’re living with cats, you know how much they love to play! Sometimes, they play aggressively and end up fighting with each other. Nevertheless, these cats knows how to break out from an unexpected cat fight. In this video, two cats are inside a box but it looks like the box is too small for two big cats.

One cat tries to own the space but the other cat refuses to leave. The moment was so intense and a possible cat fight is about to blow up until the third cat jumps in to loosen the tension! Looks like we know who the alpha-male in this situation!

These cats can really be unpredictable sometimes, but most of us know that they are just being too playful with each other. Please leave us a comment below and share us how you live with your cats at home! We’d love to hear from you!

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