Two Cats Hang Out In Bedroom. I Couldn’t Believe What One Did To Get The Other’s Attention.

Cat dynamics are weird. There are times two cats will be the best of friends, lying on each other to keep each other warm, just sitting or standing around hanging out. Then there are other times that I want to strap boxing gloves on them so they can settle whatever differences they have with each other. Then there’s what happens in the video here where the communication gulf is quite pronounced.

We see two cats, Jumbo Pillow and Cooper, sitting in a bedroom. Cooper is sitting on the bed and seems quite content to just be lost in his kitty thoughts. Maybe he’s thinking of the last meal that he ate. Jumbo Pillow sits on a stool and he really wants attention from the other cat. He squeaks at him incessantly, even though he’s being ignored. This goes on for several seconds and then Jumbo Pillow jumps on the bed to try to befriend Cooper. Nope. Cooper glares at him and he jumps back onto the stool.

This seems like one of those annoying scenarios at a party. You’re standing off in a corner, just wanting to be left alone and there is someone who is DETERMINED to talk to you, even though you’re projecting “Leave Me Alone” waves that people can actually see if they squint their eyes. No matter. This person will talk your ear off even if the only thing that you do in response is grunt at them. Cooper is the grunter and Jumbo Pillow is the incessant talker.

It’s hard to believe that Jumbo Pillow is a mere six months. He’s almost as big as the other cat, Cooper. Some cats grow at incredible rates. If he kept growing, he’d be the size of a Bengal Tiger by the time that he was two. Then he’d get attention from the cats whenever he wanted, that’s for sure. He seems like a pretty chill fellow though once he finds that Cooper is NOT in a friendly mood.

I hope Jumbo Pillow and Cooper get along eventually. I’m sure that they will. What do you think? Tell us your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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