Two Cats Are Hungry For Dinner. Their Way Of Telling Their Mommy This? GENIUS.

Domesticated animals have all kinds of ways to indicate to their parents that they are hungry and need food. My dog used to do everything short of panhandling. She would suck in her ribs and look malnourished – which was a lie, since she ate every single day – a lot. Some carry their food dishes around the house. I don’t think anything will beat what these two felines do in the video here.

We see two hungry cats in the kitchen. It’s probably close to their meal time and they are only listening to one thing – their stomachs. When hunger takes over, forget it. There’s nothing that could distract them from trying to convince their parents to rectify that. An asteroid could be about to hit the Earth, and they would be like “Could you feed us before you run into the bunker in an attempt to survive?” Wait until you see these two…

These two cats are scratching quite feverishly against the cabinet doors. If they could speak, they would probably say, “Please feed us…” over and over until they got their way. Maybe their doing it once actually worked, which means by their logic that it will work every time since then… which is not the case. Nobody ever said that logic was a strong suit for cats. I’m sure that they got fed eventually…

My cats have quite a different way of showing me that they are hungry. They simply stalk me for an hour or so before they eat. My older cat will often do things like jump in my lap and then off… just to remind me that he’s there and ensure that I don’t forget him. Which is NOT BLOODY LIKELY since he was JUST in my lap. Then, when it’s time to feed them, he meows incessantly until I put the bowl of food in front of him.

Have your pets done sneaky stuff like this in an attempt to get a meal? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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