When These Two Chart Topping Dynamos Grace The Same Stage? The Result Is Sheer Brilliance!

Ray Charles will always have a place in history. Not only because of the time he grew up in, not only because of his medical condition, but because of the positive impact he had on the world. He changed how a lot of people thought, overcame the adversities laid before him and tackled any problems with beautifully worded songs with amazingly talented piano playing. He plays better piano than most that’s certainly for sure. His classics “Hit The Road, Jack,” “What’d I Say,” and so many more have left many spellbound. Yet, when Ray meets up with another friend and fellow celebrity Willie Nelson, something of pure brilliance happens.

Willie Nelson has made quite an impact on the music scene himself. Many know Willie from his classic Album Shotgun Willie released in 1973. That would be the album that seemed to help boost his career into the country charts. With every song, Willie seemed to bring another dimension to the folky country music stylings we all know and love to this day.

These two amazingly towering titans of song come together for a duet like you have never seen before. Each have their own style and own unique flow, but both are southern boys at heart. When you see, them come together for this shockingly spectacular song, you’ll have to buy some more socks. I hope you’re ready for it, because they will be. Knocked. Off!

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