Two Corgis watch over a tiny kitten in this heart-melting video

The video begins about three feet above the white tiled surface of an unknown room. We can see Wesly the Corgi staring intently at a box labeled “ORGANIC CANE SUGAR.”

Of course, there isn’t any cane sugar inside this box. In fact, we can clearly see that there are blankets inside the box, even before we get a better view!

The owner calls out Wesly’s name a few times, then moves over to give the camera a better view. What do we see? There’s a tiny kitten wrapped up in blankets inside of the box!

Across the screen are the words “Wesly is so protective of her ????“ This appears to be an accurate statement, as the dog watches the tiny kitten intently, never breaking eye contact.

“Be gentle,” his owner says. “Ruby’s sleeping!”. The video captions continue: He loves to watch over her. We can see the tiny kitten roll around inside of its little blankets.

The next scene shows Ruby the kitten having something to eat. You can really tell how small she is in this shot. The little bottle looks even bigger than she is! Her eyes haven’t opened yet, but she already loves to eat.

Even at night-time, Wesly and his Corgi companion appear dedicated to safeguarding Ruby. This tiny kitten will never have to worry about being alone, as one of these dogs will surely be by her side throughout her entire future!


Reply to @emoalani Ruby is doing great and is getting stronger ❤️ she is taking the bottle well. Wesly and Brady absolutely adores her and loves watching over her. We are rooting for her ❤️

♬ My Hachiko – Dietmar Steinhauer

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Two Corgis watch over a tiny kitten in this heart-melting video