Two Dance Veterans Aren’t Letting Old Age-Stop Them From Getting Down

For two dancers who grew up during the prime of boogie-woogie, the rise of more modern music has done nothing to diminish their love of older tunes. As this dynamic duo takes to the stage, it’s enough to transport you back in time.

Nellia and Dietmar Ehrentraut truly prove in this rockin’ clip that age is just a number. And these two aren’t letting a little gray hair stop them from showing off their boogie-woogie and rockabilly moves to their adoring fans.

Right as the first downbeat hits, these two practically explode into motion, executing rapid-fire dips, turns, spins, and steps flawlessly. With these two on the floor, the crowd can hardly contain their amazement.

In a time where boogie-woogie and other complicated swing routines seem to have faded into history, dance connoisseurs like these two are keeping the tradition alive for years to come. We just hope they put out a tutorial soon so we can learn from the best.