These Two Dogs Were Stranded In A Canoe Alone. Who Saves Them? WOW!

When you see these two dogs stranded in a canoe alone your heart will leap out of your chest. I was so scared for these dogs as the current took them further downstream. The fast current looks really dangerous and for just a second they get a reprieve when their canoe snags on a fallen tree.

That’s when Robbie the Black Lab jumps in to save them. He braves the current and swims out to the canoe. Then one of the dogs does the weirdest thing – he throws Robbie a rope from inside the canoe. Robbie takes the rope and pulls the stranded canoe ashore.

Deborah McAlister Faddis who owns all of the dogs says that the dogs were never in any danger. They are so well trained, that’s why the dog in the boat knew to throw out a rope!

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