Two Dogs Suddenly Start Fighting Each Other. I Loved What The Third Dog Did To Stop It.

Doggie fights… the ones that we see when people have their dogs on leashes or just hanging out, not the ones where vicious people have brutal fights… are a strange phenomenon. You’ve got two dogs that bump into each other on the street, they seem fine, then it seems like one of them doesn’t like the way the other sniffs his butt and then there’s some barking and snarling. Cooler heads usually prevail, though, like we see in this video.

We see two dogs on a diner-style seat that looks like a bench. They seem friendly enough to each other, they sniff each other’s faces. Then one of them seems to insult the other… maybe he says that his tail is too poofy, or something to that effect. The next thing that we know, they are snapping and biting at each other and we’re witnessing a full-blown doggie rumble, with one of them even baring his teeth. Then the cavalry comes.

The best part of the video, and one that I’ve watched at least five times because it’s that cool, is at the moment when the level-headed dog comes to the rescue. He doesn’t jump onto the seat… nay… he jump-slides. It’s like those cool cop shows where one of them slides over the hood of a car.This video should have a slow-motion replay like in sports. Once he’s on the seat, he assesses the situation and then quickly intervenes. He needs Joe Cool sunglasses, like Snoopy.

One the situation has been defused, the two of them seem to apologize to each other, but the peacemaker stays on the scene to make sure that another brawl doesn’t erupt. Sometimes, that happens, especially in baseball fights. The two teams will be milling around, ready to head back to the dugout when someone else mouths off to another person and then boom… fisticuffs all over again. It can seem like herding cats. Oh no… I shouldn’t have said “cat” to a room full of dogs.

Wasn’t the whole thing amusing. There’s just something funny about seeing small dogs fighting each other. They are more bravado than anything else. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section! Also feel free to “Like” us on Facebook.

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