Two dogs throw a cute fit when his owner refuses to share his sandwich, leaving everyone in hysterics

I am a dog owner myself, so I am very familiar with most dogs’ antics. Our dogs are, to a certain extent, a reflection of who we are. They copy several of our behaviors and add a little bit of their personalities. In my case, I have been always accused of not being fond of sharing. I agree with this in part. I think I like to share, I just don’t do it under all circumstances.

My dog… well, she doesn’t like to share anything under any circumstance. She wants to eat everything on sight, and if she’s already full, she will save it for later. I believe this is just a funny coincidence, but my family is sure that she got it all from me. When it comes to respecting my space and potty training, she’s a doll. She’s very obedient. In fact, my in-laws had her at their home for about 8 months and they absolutely fell in love with her.

She’s also very respectful when we are eating. One day, I took her with me when I went to a friend’s house for dinner. I fed her before going, but as you know, most dogs are hungry all the time anyway. She was quietly sitting and waiting for me to tell her what she needed to do. My friends even thought that I was showing off, but I swear that’s the way she acts at home, too.

After that dinner at my friend’s home, they asked me to ‘educate them’ on how they could train her dogs, they even wanted me to train their dogs for them. I honestly didn’t feel ready for such a task. Training dogs takes experience and know-how. I just trained my dog out of necessity, but I am convinced that I need to learn a lot more on the matter before deciding to train dogs.

But it wasn’t always like this at my home. I read a few books on the subject and watched a lot of videos before finding out that I was making far too many mistakes with my dogs. One of my biggest mistakes was not setting limits with my dog when it came to space. I was always the type of owner that said, “My home is your home.” My dogs would be allowed in every room in the house.

Now, I don’t know what might be the case with the dogs in the following video, but one thing is for certain, they didn’t get a sandwich and are not liking any of it. This owner decides to fix himself a sandwich and the dogs are expecting their share. When they don’t get it, they go into the funniest tantrum you have ever seen!