Two Friendly Goats Stand Next To A Horse, But Watch What The One On The Left Does

Goats are well known for being great climbers and for being quite fearless while they do it, no matter how frightening it might be. There are goats in Morocco that even climb trees just to eat a certain type of leaf! Mountain goats in the wild can be seen climbing up steep, rocky cliff sides just days after being born, and even if they fall, they just get right back up again on their strong legs, seemingly fearless as to the danger. They are strong animals that can fall from great heights without being injured.

National Geographic states that mountain goats can climb on cliffs with up to a 60 degree incline, which is comparable to climbing vertically to a human. Their ability to climb and jump make them extraordinary creatures, able to do much more than just climb up a Cliffside. The video below is a good example of that and is sure to make you laugh.

This video is actually a compilation of hilarious moments in the daily lives of goats, specifically when they climb on each other’s backs or the backs of horses! Apparently this is very common, and I guess being on the farm together means they are just that close as friends. To a natural climber like a goat, a horse’s back must seem like a pretty high place to climb. These clips are so cute I can’t even pick a favorite. I guess I’ll just have to watch it again. I really don’t understand how goats are not as popular as dogs and cats with videos like this on the internet. these! I truly wonder why goats aren’t as popular as cats and dogs.

You can watch all of these hilarious goat moments in the video below!

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