Two friendly Pit Bulls go into a hospital taking everyone by surprise.

Pit Bulls have been in the news for quite some time. I am sure you have probably heard that they are a misunderstood breed, right? I used to have a lot of pre-conceived ideas towards them. That was until I actually had one. I remember the first day he was at home. I was a little afraid that he would end up biting everything in sight.

To my surprise, he was just like any other dog. If it wasn’t for the way he looked, I would say he was just like a Labrador pup. He was very playful and seemed to never get tired. When I went to pick up my son at school, I would take him because I had read that they needed to be socialized from a very early age, so they would not be aggressive against children when they were older.

I later learned that the early socialization was not even needed. Pit Bulls are naturally very protective of young children. Adult strangers are a different case, but all dogs behave in a defensive way towards all strangers. One day, a man on the street offered me to train him. I asked him, “to do what?” He responded, “To do what he was meant to do.”

I felt very insulted to hear the notion that these dogs’ fate was to be fighting to the death to make the owners money. He laughed at what I said and told me, “No, of course not. Your dog looks very good. He should compete,” and then handed me his card. He was a judge in Pit Bull competitions where they were judged on their looks, and on seeing how well they responded to commands.

After thinking about it for a few months, I decide to attend one of those shows. It turned out to be nothing like I had expected. You could get all sorts of expert advice on food, supplements, and exercise. It turned out to be a special club of people who genuinely loved these animals. Some people saw my dog and asked me if he was competing and all I said was, “Maybe next year.”

A group of people at a hospital were surprised when a couple of Pit Bulls entered a hospital. The Pit Bulls were probably looking for a friendly face or maybe for a treat. The dogs obviously were not posing any threat, but the hospital staff still needed to get a hold of them, so they wouldn’t go into an area where they could pose a hygiene problem. What do you think the hospital did? Well, click on the video for the fun conclusion!