Two German Shepherd Puppies Are Munching On A Toy… Seconds Later, Watch Who Showed Up!

A bunch of German shepherd puppies are barely learning how to play together, and man, it might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Their names are Thor, Luna Bear, and Ajax, and they’re as adorable as they could ever be. They can be seen playing all together nearby their mom Tink, and they seem to be having the time of their lives!

German Shepherd dogs are known for their intelligence and their social behavior, and they’re very noble dogs who can be disciplined and tough as police dogs, and adorable playmates as puppies. They’re always very energetic and loving, and socialization is very good for them since their earlier stages of development. For now, playing amongst themselves seems to satisfy them fairly enough!

The pups are so adorable; you can even see how they eagerly chew on all of the grass that they have available on their yard. Near the ending of the video, you can see how the puppies are already learning how to play games like hide and seek, and tag, and it’s just too precious to be real. I wish I had ten of them all for myself!

You can see these three adorable German Shepherd puppies in the video just below.

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