These Two Kittens Will Have You Purring In Two Seconds

If you like cats at least a little bit, you’re going to adore this next video. In it, two tiny kittens are seen sleeping on their backs beside each other, or rather, one on top of the other. Either way, this video is probably the most adorable thing you will see all day, and I can guarantee that. The two baby cats are resting together on their mom’s legs, and it’s a truly precious sight.

The cats’ human mom cannot stop herself, and she just has to play with the little one that’s on top. She starts moving the kitty’s legs as if the little thing was a puppet, and it’s adorable to see how the cat is totally unfazed. His little fluffy body moves with grace, and it’s too adorable to put in words! She seems to be able to mold them into whatever position she wants and they never wake up. And the sleepy time lullaby adds to the cute factor of these two very lucky kitties.

What is even more adorable about this video is the fact that the kittens barely move by themselves throughout all of it and they never wake up, no matter what position their mom chooses for them. You are going to wish you had two kittens available for you to cuddle after watching this video.

Watch this precious kitten video below. I’m sure they are going to make you fall in love with little furry felines. If you like it, share it on Facebook!

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