Two little boys get into the paint and make a mess; dad tries to lecture them

Raising children can involve plenty of fun, laughter, joy, and love. However, there are times when kids misbehave. There are tantrums, fights, pulling the cat’s tail, and much more. At times, a child will push boundaries by doing something they were specifically told not to do. Other times, kids will get up to some entirely new form of trouble.

Not infrequently, kids getting up to trouble involves making a mess. When one dad walked into the living room and saw paint all over the place, he knew who to look for: his two little sons. He found them hiding in the bathtub — at least paint is easier to remove from tiles! You might have expected him to be in a barely contained rage, but when he saw his sons and their paint-covered faces, he knew he had to get his phone and start recording.

Dad does his best to give the boys a serious talking-to. When he asks them whose idea it was, one shrugs his shoulders and then the other does, too. Further questioning doesn’t get much out of them, but it is established that they used wooden blocks to make stairs so they could get the paint cans. Dad tries to point out the older boy’s responsibility: “Who’s the big brother? How come you didn’t tell him no, that isn’t a good idea?” No answer. Dad suggests some possible punishments, perhaps time-outs or no more juice for a while. The boys look at each other and shake their heads no. That’s too much for dad; he totally loses it and starts laughing. In an ironic role-reversal, the older boy asks, “What is funny?” Dad continues the interrogation, but at times he still has trouble maintaining his composure.

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