Two Little Kittens Look Adoringly At A Toy, But Watch The One On The Right

I don’t think we give cats enough credit for how tough they actually are. They have a lot of hardships to endure, including fighting the naps they so desperately don’t want to take because they would rather play. And those annoying hairballs they have to spit out, irritating dogs they have to deal with, and those bothersome naps are just all in a day’s work for these poor felines. To think they have to handle of these things by themselves! They have to be tough!

But in this video you’ll see a kitty that has endured everything. He’s just a tiny little fluffball enduring the many challenges his kitty lifestyle throws at him on a daily basis. He has a ginger brother to contend with as well, and the brother is hyperactive and so excited to play with the new toy, but the kitty on the right is just so above all that. Incredibly, he has no interest in playing, which must be a first in the cat world, and he just wants to relax and get away from life’s stresses for a while.

I mean, who can blame him for wanting some rest? All day long he has to play and entertain his humans and a hyperactive brother. After this long day of playing, he’s reached his limit and decides to take some time off. But watch this clip to find out what happens to him once his brother discovers he’s falling asleep.

Watch this adorable and hilarious kitty moment in the video we put for you right below.

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