These Two Men Rescue This Bobcat Stuck In A Bear Trap By Designing A Ridiculous Plan

While bobcats aren’t necessarily an animal that one would want to run into on a hike, it’s pretty safe to say they won’t randomly attack you if you encounter them. Slowly and peacefully removing yourself from the situation without being threatening is a surefire way to keep yourself out of trouble and avoid an unwanted fight with a wild animal.

Things can change when you come across an animal in need. Chris Ward and his friend Aaron couldn’t just run away when they realized a bobcat was in major trouble. The poor creature was stuck inside a bear trap and was desperately trying to escape the pain. The two men moved towards him, putting themselves at risk in order to end the animal’s suffering however they could. But how were they supposed to help the bobcat when he was convinced they were out to make his pain worse?

As the injured bobcat dodged the men’s advances, they realized they were going to struggle to release the animal from the trap. Still, they were determined to help the cat out, and they tried using a stick to pin him down and release the trap. Unwilling to let them touch him, the scared cat attempted a few strikes towards the men, but was too trapped to truly have an impact on their approach. It took a few attempts, but the men finally got the bobcat in a position where they could release the trap safely…or so they thought.

As the bobcat shot away from the trap, the men came to the realization that their adventure wasn’t over just yet. Check out the footage to see what happened next, and to see how the men escaped a potentially dangerous fate. Then, share this incredible video with your friends and leave your comments below!