Two men sing James Taylor’s ‘Fire and Rain’ in beautiful harmony

Peter Hollens and Tim Foust

If you’re familiar with any James Taylor song, it’s most likely to be “Fire and Rain.” Famous singer Peter Hollens teams up with Tim Foust to deliver a beautiful rendition of this iconic song.

Peter Hollens

The two men sing Acappella style with no accompaniment from any instruments. Multiple background tracks of their voices harmonize to set the tone while singing the main verses onscreen.

As they walk through peaceful settings of wooded forest and sweeping grassland plains, the sweet melody of the combination of their harmonious voices wash over you like, well – fire and rain.

Peter Hollens

Hollens and Foust bring life to this beautiful ballad about facing the trials of life and making it to the other side, where the sun shines brighter, and the grass is greener.

Hollens’ voice range matches perfectly with Foust’s deep baritone. The two take turns singing the lines until they blend their voices together on the chorus for an absolutely mesmerizing effect.

Tim Foust

As is his custom, Peter Hollens concludes the video by thanking his fans and supporters. He asks for more suggestions on what songs to sing next for his YouTube channel.

Peter Hollens and Tim Foust are an unbelievable duo whose collaborations always leave fans wanting more. We can’t wait to see what iconic songs they will tackle together next!

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