Two Moluccan cockatoos get together for a playdate and hilarity ensues

Max the Moluccan is a cockatoo with a large following. When he meets his equal, it is like looking into a funhouse mirror.

Cockatoos are interesting birds to have as pets. They’re mouthy, full of personality, and will often do things that you never expect. Max the Moluccan is a popular bird that spreads joy wherever he goes.

This time around, he has to share the spotlight with a fellow female cockatoo, Q. They look like twins, and after a few minutes act like long lost siblings.

It’s a sight to behold as they go from one area to the next, exciting everyone with their random sounds. Their singing and dancing were delightful, and the goofiness was dialed up to a ten. When they went to Starbucks, the energy level was still high.

After this video, Q may develop a following that is similar to Max’s. They were a joy to watch play together, and fans should expect more of these fun days out.

Max the Moluccan has been on YouTube since 2018. He is all over social media and is part of a larger bird family that includes a Tikal and Tycho. It is a large happy bird family that is still growing to this day.