Two Motorcyclists Find Kitten On Highway. I Loved What Happened Next.

What would you do if you saw a stray animal in trouble? Would you stop and help it or assume that someone else will take the time to do it. We see this dilemma in action when two motorcyclists find a kitten in the middle of a highway. It’s a miracle that it hasn’t been hit by a car. They have to decide what to do. Time is of the essence too, since cars are whizzing by and it’s dark.

We see this all from the camera of one man. His friend says that he already has too many cats, so the man says he will take her. He even admits that cats are his weakness. The motorcyclist puts the kitty inside a spare helmet that’s on the back of the motorcycle. Imagine riding behind him and seeing a little kitten peering out from the helmet. Hopefully, he didn’t cause any accidents on the way home.

They hit it off. You can tell the kitten is really attached to him. There’s even one time where she climbs up his leg with her tiny claws. Enjoy that while you can, because when she gets bigger, that is going to HURT. We see that another cat lives there. The light shines in her eyes and the man jokes that the cat is possessed and mad. It is a little dicey bringing home a new kitten with an older cat. These two seem to get along, though.

The story continues – there are links for updates on the kitty both two weeks and two months later. The new daddy had to nurse her back from an upper respiratory infection – there’s one sweet time when she’s drinking from a syringe – but she seems to have recovered from that, since the crust from her eyes is gone. Here’s hoping that this leads to a long stay in a forever home.

Wasn’t this SUCH an adorable video? What would you do? Would you bring the cat home or take her to a shelter? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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