Two Orphaned Kittens, Chewbacca and Wicked, Are the Cutest Kitties Ever! Just LOOK At Them

Everyone knows kittens love to snuggle up anywhere they can find, and no place is ever uncomfortable for them. Their fluffy bodies can fit everywhere, and it’s quite adorable! This following video shows two of these snuggly cat babies, but they have a story that will make your eyes wet with tears. Chewbacca and Wicked were abandoned and thought to be lost for good, but thanks to their surrogate mom Sophia, they got a second chance at a happy life!

These two kitties love to cuddle up everywhere, even in people’s warm pockets! You know how the cat saying goes, “if I fits, I sits”, and isn’t just the honest truth? One thing is for sure, these two precious things are loving their new family, and they feel no shyness when the time to show it comes. Watching videos like this one always fills me with joy inside!

You can see how they fill their human daddy’s face and beard with kisses, and their enthusiasm is so evident, I’m sure that if they were any bigger they would probably harm him. But they’re too little for that now, and they have no limits to showing their love.

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