Two parrots on a date at the bird table – what one says to the other is hilarious!

Parrots are very intelligent creatures, known for their ability to copy sounds around them in the jungle as well as a fascinating talent in mimicking human speech. But it appears this time they’re also mimicking some human behaviours too! What? So, they can do that?

Buddy is a Quaker parrot who you will see sitting on the left of the perch in the fascinating video below. He has clearly attracted the amorous attentions of JoJo, an Indian ringneck, and the two of them are out on a parrot date. JoJo really does appear to have fallen head over heels for Buddy, as she makes a rather direct approach in trying to win his affections!

“Watcha doin’?!” caws the cheeky parrot, trying to get Buddy’s attention. “Oh pretty! Gimme a kiss!” JoJo isn’t going to take no for an answer, and she relentlessly pursues her love interest, before leaning forward and nuzzling into Buddy while making kissing sounds! We’re not sure if this tactic is the right one JoJo – it’s certainly been causing a stir in the human world recently!

But thankfully, this time, the attention isn’t unwanted. Although it appears as if Buddy is shaking from nervousness and fear due to JoJo’s continuous pursuit, it’s actually quite the opposite. Quaker parrots were given their name because of this funny shake they do when they’re happy! They shake and shiver when they’re in a good mood, so, Buddy here is actually very content with the attentions of the rather eager JoJo. Which is lucky – because otherwise, we’d recommend telephoning the police.

It’s a truly special experience for these two lovebirds as they seem to have found a genuinely caring relationship – even if it first appears that Buddy desperately wants to get away! JoJo simply keeps coming back for more, demanding kisses from her boyfriend. We’re sure we’ve all experienced something like that before! There’s actually one particular moment when Buddy’s head might actually vibrate off – such is his level of enjoyment with all this attention! Isn’t young love wonderful?!

Buddy and JoJo look set to have a happy life together in their home – which also houses a number of other species – at an Australian centre that specialises in custom built aviaries. But it’s the parrot love that is stealing the show here. “If only I could find a relationship as pure as Buddy and JoJo’s.” comments one Youtuber. Don’t we all my dear, don’t we all!