Two Puppies Fall Into A Deadly Cobra Pit, Then The Cobra Amazes Everyone

There’s an old saying that goes: “The more I know people, the more I like my pets.” This saying is not only very funny but for some people, very true. Animals have very solid features that they are known for. Dogs and cats are known for being excellent companions. Dogs are known for their loyalty while cats are known for their intelligence. This goes for pretty much any animal you can think of. When it comes to snakes, they are known for one thing: they can be deadly.

Animals will not attack unless they feel in danger. There have been cases that have gone viral where children have fallen into cages with wild animals. To everyone’s surprise, the animals have been very protective of them. This has been true for gorillas and bears. Bears are huge and very strong. If you are at an arm’s length of a bear, you’re pretty much at his mercy. Why haven’t these animals attacked young children is anyone’s guess. Many people believe that it’s love and compassion. Animals can love and protect. It’s part of their instinct. Most of these cases have very happy endings

When encountering a snake in the wild you should do several things to stay alive. For starters, you should keep your cool. Don’t make any sudden movements that can frighten the animal and make him aggressive. Without losing sight of the snake, start to get as far away as you can.

It is very important that you never turn your back on this animal. If you live in an area where you can find snakes, you should make sure to tell your children about them. The following video is as much shocking as it is heartwarming. And it comes from an animal that you would least expect it: a king cobra.

What happens is a pair of puppies are playing around a well in India. They are smelling the plants and chasing after every insect they can find. Suddenly, they see a very big hole and decide to take a closer look. The hole is very dark but for some reason, it captures their attention. As you may have thought, the puppies slip and fall into the well. Fortunately, they are not injured, at least not yet. Next to them is death knocking at their door: a king cobra. King cobras have one of the most powerful venoms that exist. If you are ever bitten by one and don’t have the antidote with you, you better start saying your prayers.

The outcome does not look good. When people discover the puppies, they are shocked at what they see. The king cobra is next to them and has not bitten them. If the cobra wishes to attack, the puppy’s fate will be sealed in seconds. To everyone’s surprise, she is being very protective. Fortunately, this has a happy ending as the puppies are rescued. The king cobra is released into the woods. Surprising, huh? You need to see it with your own eyes.