These Two Star-Crossed Lovers Just Weren’t Meant to Be! “You Made Me Love You,” Is the Cherry on Top!

There have been many animals that found love in the most unlikely places. This isn’t brand new- this has always been happening. It’s just so much easier to notice now. All animals, including us, are inherently loving, curiosity driven answer seekers. We all want things to make sense and to add, we want the way we feel to be reciprocated. If it’s unrequited, we step back, almost in a fog of denial. It would make so much more sense though…. if you just loved me.

That may just be the case in this darling story. His lover sleeps like a log- unflinching, motionless. Even when stimuli are introduced, this pooch just doesn’t not move. Meet Frankie, the Casanova cat and Sadie, the uninterested party. For as long as the two have lived together, Frankie has always expressed a burning desire for Sadie’s love. And Sadie has always been asleep. Or ignoring.

No matter how many times this rejected cat finds his love unrequited, that doesn’t mean that he’s going to stop. The dog honestly doesn’t seem to mind it. If it makes that frisky cat feel better, then by all means. What a beautiful song in the background, “You Made Me Love You,” By Harry Allen and Helen Forrest. It’s truly fitting.

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