Two-story tiny beach house with downstairs bedroom

Janis and Glen love the tiny lifestyle. After living in a traditional home for most of their life, the mostly-retired couple decided to downsize and move into a 30-foot 1978 Airstream.

The Airstream ended up being a bit too small, so the couple decided to order a tiny custom-built home. Timbercraft Tiny Homes built the perfect home to suit their lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest.

The living room has windows covering the walls and even has two skylights in the ceiling. A small television sits above an electric fireplace that keeps the room warm on chilly winter evenings.

The tiny home features an ample loft space with tons of natural light and four large windows. The loft is where the couple’s daughter sleeps whenever she visits because Janis and Glen sleep on the first floor in the main bedroom.

The bathroom fits a ton into a small space. Janis included a washer, dryer, medicine cabinet, walk-in shower, storage, and sink all in one room. The sink is very unique and adds a splash of color to the space.

The kitchen has more storage than the couple needs with under and overhead cabinetry. There is plenty of counter space for the couple to prepare dinner, and they even have a full-size refrigerator to store extra food.

The couple still lives in their full-size traditional home in southwest Portland. However, they are working on downsizing and living in their tiny home full-time. They look forward to the financial freedom and quality time their retired years will bring in the tiny house.

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Two-story tiny beach house with downstairs bedroom