These Two Surprise Everyone On The Dance Floor. Keep Looking At Their Feet…

Dance floors scare me.  I am not one of those people that were born with any natural ability to shake it down, especially in front of others.  Unfortunately I’m not the type that benefits from training and practice either.  I can’t really dance if my life depended upon it, but for some reason I keep on trying.  When I do try it’s usually an entertaining spectacle for others who are pointing and laughing.

Whenever I am lucky enough to see people who really know what they are doing on a dance floor I can’t help but get a little envious.  I even like to see the latest line dance craze as much as the next person but what I have for you to see today is something really out of the ordinary.

This is a clip of Charlie and Jackie. They are an amazingly talented couple that routinely steals the show. It is really inspiring to watch this couple show their stuff in front of a crowd.  They truly make it look very easy and effortless as they glide across the floor together.  Take special note of their fancy footwork, which at times is downright difficult to follow.

The host even says that “it don’t get better than that.” You’ll see that it’s hard to disagree with that statement.

Please take a look at the video clip and leave your comments below about the couple. Feel free to share the video with your family and friends if you think they will enjoy it too.

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These Two Surprise Everyone On The Dance Floor. Keep Looking At Their Feet…