Two toddlers are playing when they hear the voice that will make them drop everything they’re doing

The innocents of children is a special gift that unfortunately fades over time. This gift is something that we should treasure while we can. The reaction on a toddler’s face when seeing something for the first time, or the face that they pull when given a food that they have never experienced before. The tears shed at the loss of a toy or the pure pleasure on their faces when seeing mom and dad walk into a room.

Do you remember when you were a child, the pleasure you had when you were with your parents? Even shopping days could be fun, you always knew that there would be a special present for you at the end of the day. What about the family picnics? When you and your siblings were taken to the local park-grounds and had what seemed to be a feast under your favorite tree.

Those memories can bring back so many special feelings. Even when you smell a familiar fragrance it can bring all sorts of images rushing through your mind. Family time is so important as we grow up in this big-old-world. This is one of the things that eventually makes us who we are. Our upbringing is the most important thing, especially in the first 7-years of our lives.

The fact that mom and dad sometimes have to go to work can be upsetting for a toddler. They don’t understand why mommy and daddy have to leave them, and it can be heartbreaking. I remember when my kids were babies, the feeling of failure that I would feel when I had to leave them, that pulling in the heart that makes you just want to stay with them and cuddle them all day. We all know that we can’t just stay, we need to leave them for a few reasons. Firstly we need to work to pay the bills, but I think more importantly to give our children a sense of independence, a trait that they will need so badly as they travel their own life paths.

The clip featured below is a compilation of hellos. That is to say it is a group of clips that show the reaction on several babies faces when their dads return home from work, overseas, or just shopping. It makes you realize just how important we are to these beautiful little people that we have had the privilege of bringing into this world. The excitement that this group of toddlers express is one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time. I think sometimes we take the gift of children for granted, but after watching this clip it will make you feel a little humbled at just how important we all are.