Two-Year-Old Girl Sings Kid’s Song To Her Daddy. It Might Be The Most Adorable Thing Ever.

Videos of young kids singing and performing can go one of two ways. It can be epically cute, where you feel like your heart is turning to goo as you watch the video. On the other hand, it can be so painful that you close your eyes as you click out of viewer, silently cursing the parent that put it up in the first place. Fortunately, this video that was posted by Eric Palonen does NOT fall into the second category. Not even close.

We see a two-year-old girl named Josie. She’s holding a finger-puppet version of the Old MacDonald Had a Farm song. As she gets to each animal, she wiggles each one and makes a very convincing sound for them. Josie is a natural at this! It’s clear that she knows this song well, but the remembering part sometimes eludes her. Hey, it happens to all of us, right? No big deal. It doesn’t bother Josie at all.

She keeps going on and she perfectly imitates each animal. Though she does stumble on some parts of the song, she keeps the general gist of it. I was clapping when she reached the end and hit a high note. Josie is such a ham! What a wonderful kid. She also loves the camera and it shows. Daddy is so supportive too throughout the whole video. You can tell he’s very bemused by her singing.

This is far from the only video that Josie has appeared in. Her daddy has recorded a lot of them and they’ve garnered a lot of views. She cheers up a lot of people with her sweet attitude and funny behavior. Many love this particular video because of her rendition of a famous kid’s song. If I’m in a bad mood when I start watching the video, I am in a much better frame of mind when it ends. Such is the power of kids.

Wasn’t Josie SO cute? The way she held the book and the animal puppets inside the book. Sure, it wasn’t a PERFECT version of the song, but cut her some slack. She was TWO. What were your favorite songs when you were a kid? Tell them to us in the comments below!

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