Two Years After His Wife Passed Away, He Discovered THIS Secret That Brought Him To Tears!

David Schmitz got a gift from his wife, two years after she died. Brenda lost her life to ovarian cancer, but before her death, she somehow managed to plan out a touching surprise for him. She wrote a letter for the local radio station called Star 102.5, and gave it to her close friend. She asked the friend to mail the letter when David found a new love.

This local radio station fulfills some Christmas wishes every year. So, when they heard Brenda’s wish, they were touched beyond words. Brenda had written some really moving things in the letter. She had some wishes for a few important people. Her wishes were granted by the station and the local sponsors. Brenda sure was one strong person to be able to write something like this and share it with so many people!

Watch the video below. It shows David at the station when he first knows about the letter. His reaction will break your heart! We also hear how emotional David gets when asked to tell the listeners about his late wife, Brenda. After being diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer, she died only eight months later.

As the host of the show reads the letter, we can see David’s reaction to hearing his wife’s words once again. It is a moving experience and one worth watching and listening to. As you continue to listen, you will hear what Brenda’s wish was for her loving and devoted husband.

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