Two Young Children Too Young to Be Walking Alone! The Milwaukee Woman Who Helped Them Home.

Unsupervised children put everyone on edge. Do their parents know where they are? Are they okay? Do they need help? Worry springs into action in everyone’s minds. The ability to protect oneself in a worst-case scenario is the go to worry. Children can defend themselves in some situations, but when you can easily be picked up or carried, that sets off all sorts of alarms.

Jeannie Mitchell was driving her bus down her normal route, having a normal day. Having conversations with the passengers to pass the time, laughing and being joyous in another’s company. This must really be what it’s like to enjoy your job so much, it doesn’t feel like you’ve worked a day in your life. Jeannie was startled when she saw two young kids walking alone down the street. A flash came from Jeannie’s past, as she remembered the horrible feelings she experienced in a similar twelve-hour nightmare.

Jeannie has a now 20-year-old son. But fifteen years’ prior, her son had walked out of a relative’s home and went missing. At five-years-old, her baby boy left and went missing. For twelve horrible hours, Jeannie searched and panicked. Called the police to find her pride and joy, to find her beautiful baby boy. Those anxious questions hit Jeannie over and over, “Is he okay?” “What if someone took him?”

To Jeannie’s luck, she ended up finding her lovely son. Fifteen years later and Jeannie can imagine what the parents are feeling. She immediately pulls over, questioning aloud, “Where are these two babies going?” She pulls over the massive bus and opens the door, asking them where they were going. Where are their parents. Unsatisfied with the answers, Jeannie unbuckles and goes to talk. Ending in pulling them onto the bus and waiting for the police.

With luck, the police contacted their mom and dad and had them returned shortly thereafter. Wow, what a crazy tale. These two kids got lucky for sure, good looking out!
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