Two Young Foxes Play On Trampoline. When One Discovers He Can Bounce, The Fun REALLY Starts.

I miss trampolines. The last time I used one, I was a kid, and that was about 30 years ago. I think I’d probably break one if I used it now. There’s just something about jumping and feeling like you’re weightless for a second or two each time that you’re airborne. It’s much cheaper to go to a trampoline park than say, going on that airplane that makes you weightless. Some people have ones in their yard… but that can attract other company. Like what this video shows.

A man looks outside his window into his backyard and he sees that he has a couple of visitors. Foxes, to be exact. They are young and they look like they are just roaming around his Colorado suburb, playing with each other. They find a very large trampoline and continue playing with each other on it. Then… they make the most wonderful discovery that changes the course of the whole video.

The best part is when one of the foxes suddenly realizes how springy the trampoline. He’s like, “Whoa… let me jump. Wow! Again! This is SO cool! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I’m getting some real air here!” The other fox is just watching this with seeming benign amusement. Then the two of them start play-fighting again before they both exit the trampoline. That must have been a blast for both of them.

It seems like that was the only time for them to do that, since the person who uploaded the footage said that he never saw the foxes again and he’d only spent one summer there. Well, maybe they used it when he was asleep and he was none the wiser. I wouldn’t put it past those two sneaky fellows. There’s a reason why the saying is “Clever like a fox.” They probably had a lot more summer adventures than he knew about.

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