Two Young Goats Get Dressed Up In Pajamas On Cold Day. The Result? SO PRECIOUS.

Why do we love seeing animals wear clothing? What is it about seeing a miniature schnauzer wearing a biker jacket and hat? Yes, my mother dressed up our dog like that. William Wegman routinely dresses up his Weimaraners for his photos. Sadly, I don’t think dressing up a slug would help it. Anyways… is it a way of making them look more human? I think they just look adorable, like the goats in this video.

We see two three-week old Nigerian Dwarf goats wearing pajamas. The video is shot at the Sunflower Farm in Cumberland, Maine, so it’s definitely chilly. Their names are Winifred and Monty – don’t ask me which is which, they keep moving around. One pair of pajamas is covered with large strawberries and the other is a blue one with a white stripe. They are both adorable and they are having a blast!

It’s so cute seeing these goats bound around. It’s almost like they are in their own little show. “OK, now rocking the strawberry pajamas… Monty! These will keep you warm on even the coldest winter night. They’re rugged enough to withstand multiple romps in hay! I also have to say that the price for it is not baaa-d.” There would be a moment of strained silence. “Sorry, Monty. I won’t do that joke again…”

Sadly, this will not be the newest fashion trend. If dressing goats in pajamas becomes a thing… then we have fallen a long way. Then again, we are a country where people paid money to get painted rocks and called them “Pet Rocks.” So, it actually wouldn’t be surprising to see people suddenly walking around with goats in pajamas. The big litmus test will be if Kim Kardashian gets one…

Which goat did you think was cuter? I liked the one in the strawberry pajamas. Be sure to leave a comment below!

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