Girl Snags Judges On 1st Note Singing Whitney Houston Classic — Then She Sends Them Over The Edge

Tyra – I Have Nothing (The Blind Auditions | The Voice Kids 2017)During a blind audition in the Netherlands’ Voice Kids, the sweet voice of Tyra had an amazing effect on the judges.

Few people can sing Whitney Houston to perfection and reproduce the legendary artist’s amazing vocals, but this girl seals the deal.

Tyra – I Have Nothing (The Blind Auditions | The Voice Kids 2017)

Right from the beginning, all of the three judges were in tune with her voice. Tyra had chosen ‘Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing’ to perform.

As she started her singing, the first judge was so moved that he put his hand over his heart and began to mouth the lyrics as Tyra approaches her first crescendo.

Then all of the three judges then commenced swaying in time with the music while whispering the words of the song, so moved were they by this young girl’s voice. A second shocked judge spread his arms wide as her voice expanded. It was a gesture that coincidentally mirrored what was happening on stage with Tyra. In a word: “Incredible!”.

By the end of Tyra’s performance of Whitney Houston’s, ‘I Have Nothing’, all three judges sprang to their feet in admiration of her talent. This was truly one for the record book.

If Tyra’s performance moved you, share her video because the world could use more of Tyra’s melodic beauty, don’t you think?