U.S. Airman’s Long Island School Assembly Surprise Will Make You Cry

There are few sights as heartwarming witnessing the return of a soldier surprising his mother. U.S. Air Force active servicemen decided to plan the best treat ever. His mother, a Long Island teacher, was busy leading a “Student of the Month” assembly when her notes prompted her to read out her soldier son’s name.

The young man stepped forward towards his mom causing her to instantly overflow with tears. He’d been overseas for months and on that fateful day in April, the twenty-year-old returned in the best of ways. Just wait until you see the joy on the kids in her school’s faces. Happiness is infectious.

A Long Island teacher and military mom received an imaginable surprise in a most unlikely place. With her mind firmly on work, she overjoyed to read out her son’s name only to look up and see him in full U.S. airman outfit standing before her. That’s a great way to inspire and rekindle fondness.

U.S. Airman\'s Long Island School Assembly Surprise Will Make You Cry