U.S. Navy Band amazes audience with incredible brass performance

The five members of the U.S. Navy brass band put on an entertaining show with their rendition of the classic arrangement ‘Colonel Bogey March.’

The U.S Navy brass band took the stage for a live performance of the beloved military song ‘Colonel Bogey March.’ The quintet delivered a beautiful rendition of the favorite classic.

Within the five-member ensemble, there were performances on the trumpet, the trombone, and the French horn – blending their sounds together perfectly.

The arrangement was slightly slower and softer than the full-band composition, providing a wonderful change of pace for fans of the original song.

In a song filled with many great moments, perhaps the biggest highlight was hearing each musician have the chance to stand out for a portion of the performance.

Still, they managed to effortlessly marry their playing together, creating a rich, full sound that will appeal to listeners of all ages.

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