U.S. Navy Band Brings Comfort With ‘Lean On Me’

Everyone needs soothing songs like this to brighten the day and raise spirits when feeling low. The United States Navy Band under the direction of Captain Kenneth C. Collins delivers one of the most heartwarming renditions of “Lean On Me” from Bill Withers ever heard. Their harmony comes together with such purity and perfection that this could easily be seen as a celebration of grace.

Its message is truly universal, uniting us all despite any differences that there may be in a spirit of togetherness. You can feel the emotion in every bar, as these talented servicemen deliver a beautiful arrangement of the beloved timeless classic that each of us will relate to uniquely. The touching melody hits home, serving as a powerful dedication to the personnel serving aboard #USNSComfort and #USNSMercy.

As both a dedication to troops serving and an inspiration to those who are left longing for contact, “Lean On Me” from the U.S. Navy Band is nothing short of amazing. You’ll fall in love with this rendition of the Bill Withers song of hope. It takes the track and turns it into a patriotic masterpiece with lasting mass appeal.

U.S. Navy Band Brings Comfort With \'Lean On Me\'