Ubuntu Was Outcast by His Herd, But Not by Duma. Two Unlikely Playmates Become Family.

Being the outcast is never fun. It can have some advantages, such as lowered expectations from others. This allows you to do more of what you WANT to do. Yet, in Ubuntu’s case, the tale was one of tragedy and psychological scarring. A scar that couldn’t and wouldn’t heal. When Ubuntu was smaller, he was out cast from his herd. A herd to an elephant is a very important structure. The structure has family and friends, but the main basis is love, care and protection. When Ubuntu was shunned from this loving family, from his playful friends, his psych suffered a horrific trauma that he could never quite get past. It haunted him daily and without a sense or feeling of belonging, he was doomed to that mental fracture.

The Rhino Rescue isn’t limited to rhinos. That’s kind of weird I think, but I like it. They don’t discriminate. They accept all kinds. Unless there’s a better organization more suited to fit their needs.

Duma, however, has no idea what any of that is about. While elephants have their own organization for grouping (herds) dogs don’t really have that. They have packs, alpha males and the such, but there was one thing Duma could do wonderfully. That was to pick up Ubuntu’s spirit by the playful teasing nips and roundabout way of chasing Ubuntu. The German Shepherd came at a crucial time in Ubuntu’s development and without a herd to connect with, Duma made an excellent companion.

Yet, Ubuntu’s journey was just beginning, as his need to be whole, to be a part of something bigger than himself urged him onwards.

What did you think? He’s quite a tiny elephant, I’m sure he will be massive when he’s older!
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