Uh Oh, “Whassup” Is Back With “Whassup Again” And AI’s Going Crazy

Most of us will remember the “Whassup?” commercial from Budweiser, which aired between 1999 and 2002. If you don’t, here it comes again and what a revival for the present day.

“Whassup Again” from Budweiser sets a fine example for what all good SuperBowl commercials should be. The last ad created a pop-culture catchphrase, and this time around, all types of Alexa smart devices have learned how to use it.

Ever wondered what happens to a connected, smart home when you leave? Uber, Amazon, and Budweiser show you in this laugh-out-loud commercial that may just revive the famous slur of yesteryear.

This commercial is a great take on the catchphrase started by Budweiser and an extremely intelligent way to highlight just how functional smart devices within the home actually are. Now that’s good advertising.