An Unbelievable Problem with Shocking Numbers. Diligent Workers Try to Save As Many as Possible.

It’s not all warm moments and hanging out with amazing fluffy friends when it comes to being a rescuer. The budget plays a huge role into an organizations functionality. Managing the budget to accommodate an appropriate and equal amount of care for each animal is crucial, mainly because there are simply too many dogs in need to play favorites. With a lot of business, they focus on the idea of “supply and demand.” While living, beings aren’t objects, this idea is seen in its most massive way.

Take Houston, a city with an estimated 1.2 million homeless pets, as a grim example. To be able to give homes and care to these precious friends, a lot of rescuers work day and night. Some work in teams and others by themselves. The ones who work in teams seem to be swamped, constantly out and about, looking for dogs in need. The team works in many different shifts and with the number of homeless animals in the area, they are feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Rescued Pet Movement is one of the many hard working groups who aid homeless animals and strays. Through their tireless efforts, they have saved an astounding 15,00 animals, which they love, monitor their health, care for, and house. However, three years and 15,000 animals later their operation faces financial peril, as they shut down bit by bit different aspects of their operation to stay afloat.

The crushing debt they have incurred caring for so many animals brings a tear to my eye. If financial sacrifice for the life of another wasn’t note, their humble attempts could be said to be “saint-like.” With a slew of volunteers and many man hours, organizations like the Rescued Pet Movement really fill me with hope.
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