Uncertain destiny for unwanted racing foals

Breeding is defined as the natural process of reproduction between two animals in order to produce a new generation of the same species. Due to certain conditions, humans might intervene in the process helping them to carry it out satisfactorily. Some of the factors include helping species in danger of extinction like pandas or rhinos, enhancement of farm animals to elevate the production rate of milk and egg and selective procreation for specific tasks such as horse racing.

Horse racing is one of the most ancient sports in human history. There has been a lot of evidence that suggest how the first horse races were performed in ancient Egypt around 1400 B.C. The Greeks also included this activity as an Olympic game in the VII century; they were executed by pulling wooden cars on the back of the horses. The horse racing in North America dates back to 1665 where the elites of this game started to gather for friendly competition in Salisbury, New York.

As expected the fame of this sport grew exponentially spreading all across the country and the entire world. After a while betting became something natural related to this event, the money involved in this activity just dragged more attention to the game, especially among gamblers. As the time passed more and more enhancements and techniques were developed in order to win the races, they started to take good care of the horses giving them a well-balanced diet, medicines, and special training.

The competition was always strong but in time, it became so extreme that they began to use selective breeding techniques to obtain horses genetically stronger for this purpose. This consisted in choose the best horse possible based on his physical attributes and previous performances, to reproduce and obtain highly competitive foals. But what happens to the foals that don’t come out with the natural aptitude to compete?

We always take certain things for granted in life and this topic is something that we haven’t thought before. It turns out that many of these beautiful creatures are abandoned as useless for not being able to achieve the expectations of the responsible, sometimes to avoid problems they put them away to sleep. Is a hard reality to process for these innocents animals that only committed the crime of being born.

But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Since 12 years old Victoria Goss has worked very hard to provide a refuge for these abandoned animals. She started a non-profit organization called “Last Chance Corral” with the only purpose of assist horses in need, whether they are ill or sick they make a monumental effort to help them survive and live a happy life. Last Chance Corral facilities are located in Athens, Ohio and despite the critical economic conditions they have managed to continue functioning. The only help they get is through donations, volunteers and people appointed by the court through the diversion program.

This is the best example of how big the heart of a person could be, if you want to know more and help Last Chance Corral, click the video below and shared it with the world.