Unexpected singer astonished the crowd in a High School football game.

When you are a teenager there is a moment when you have to decide what you are going to do next in your life, choosing your destiny is a very critical moment but despite that this is a very difficult task there are some people that have all figured out. It’s like they were destined to perform one specific activity. A fifteen-year-old boy named Sam showed an amazing natural talent the other night that was beyond all expectations.

Massachusetts was the stage in which this tremendous performance occurred; it was football night in the Nashoba Regional High School and it was almost time to begin the match between the two groups. When both teams were ready, the local narrator in the game spoke through the microphone and announced the moment to hear the traditional National Anthem before the game.

For a moment there was no sign of the designated singer for this event but after a few minutes the number 58 player got away from the crowd and started to walk directly to the front side of the fences, he took off his helmet and grabbed the microphone. Nobody knew what this kid was doing but it turns out that this member of the team was going to perform the National Anthem. When you see a football player preparing to sing you don’t expect too much of his presentation, but when he sang the first words people couldn’t believe it.

Despite being in High School this kid demonstrated an incredible matured voice, if you hear his voice with the eyes closed you wouldn’t recognize him as the singer of this melody, it was like seeing Pavarotti performing on stage.

For those who know about opera, you must already know that this classical singing technique optimizes the range, resonance, power and vibrancy of your voice. The classical singers perform unamplified this results in a much wider range than singers in other genres. This is exactly the type of vocal range showed by Sam. There are only two possibilities and if he is not receiving opera classes the answer would be that he is a musical genius.

After singing the final strophes of the National Anthem and with his football helmet held in the air, Sam broke all the bad expectations of the public and showed that he wasn’t just a player, people couldn’t resist to burst into applause and cheering for the young teenager. With the entire team congratulating him, the fans saw an incredibly bright future that lies ahead for him.

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