Unforgettable acts on America’s Got Talent week 2 auditions

Best of America’s Got Talent week 2 auditions

America’s Got Talent is one of the biggest talent shows in the world, hosting contestants from all over. All with the same hope of winning the total grand prize of $1 million.

If you’re always ready for a good watch, from magic to music, to daring performances, the week 2 audition of America’s Got Talent was intense and beautiful at the same time.

Starting off with an escape artist, Mark Johnsons’ dangerous performance will have you on your toes hoping that he makes it on time. Spoiler, he did and they all want to see him again.

Best of America’s Got Talent week 2 auditions

He’s followed by Nightbirde who came along with a wholesome performance. The takeaway from her story is, “you can’t wait until life isn’t sad anymore before you decide to be happy”.

She was able to secure a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell thanks to her way more than okay angelic voice. She’s however not the only performer that was able to move the judges with her voice.

Other singing acts were from the Korean Soul who did a beautiful rendition of Kcee and Jojos Find Another Lover and of course Johnny showcase who came and delivered an unexpected performance.

With the America’s Got Talent performances, unexpected is the perfect word to use. Either way, we can’t wait for the season finale and see who takes the big cheque home.

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