Unfortunate News for NFL Star Will Twist Your Heart! Tear-Jerking Tale of Life-Changing Diagnosis.

ALS stands for “Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.” The Greek word “amyotrophic” translates loosely to “no muscle nourishment.” If the muscles in the body aren’t being nourished, they atrophy or wither away. Lateral refers to the “the spine,” or rather a location on the spine. Finally, sclerosis refers to “hardening.” With these three words meanings combined into one, we are left with a resulting degeneration of the spine, while muscles atrophy and then harden. The first area ALS attacks is the spine, which is largely responsible for movement, in concert with the brain. Gradually, systematically, parts of the body you could once control atrophy and slowly become unusable. The last things to go are your eyes and brain.

The challenges we face daily must be met with some form of motivation and a sense of urgency. With most cases time is a factor that heals all wounds. From break ups to cuts, a little bit of time will do wonders. There are however, omen tragic cases where someone who seems to have everything going for them, loses not only that, but also loses their future. Some know exactly when and sometimes even where they will meet their demise. Sometimes death will wait far in the distance, but the living is more painful and longer almost.

NFL star Steve Gleason is best known for playing as a defensive end, or “safety” for the New Orleans Saints. After Katrina struck, Louisiana was left in devastation and ruin. Louisianans worked hard after Katrina to rebuild and not lose their charm, nor their fighting spirit. Gleason was the one who blocked the punt, apparently re-sparking some necessary hope for the city in dire straits.

This brave tale tells the stories of a family that had ups that reached the ends of clouds. As well as Unfortunate lows that hit the bottom of the ocean. This emotional rollercoaster leaves you stuck in your seat! The raw emotion will buckle you in and the traumatic truth will leave you sobbing. The film “Gleason” was his unabashed record of his unwinnable battle against the debilitating and traumatic disease. The amount of honesty and transparency is enough to break down some of the walls you’ve built up. It takes you by surprise with the unashamed account by Mr. Gleason and his family. With a full understanding of what ALS does to the body, Steve faces the harsh, unforgiving, and unfamiliar terrain that is ALS.

The movie was just…eye-opening. It was such a spirited performance and such a sad ending. When you realize that the day after he got his diagnosis his wife had the most important news for him. That was just the icing on the cake. We’d like to hear from you, however we’d love it if you inspired your own conversations with family and friends in a more organic setting. Don’t forget to share this tale of undeterred motivation.

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