Incredibly unique baby albino elephant plays in the mud pit

HERD is South Africa’s first elephant orphanage. The owner, Adine Roode, and her team of caregivers have dedicated their lives to taking care of orphaned elephants. They also try to integrate them into the Jabulani herd so these innocent beings can have a family.

Khanyisa, the baby albino elephant, and Timisa are very close to each other and love to play together. Likewise, the allomothers, Kumbura, Klaserie, and Limpopo, are always around the young ones protecting them.

Recently, caregiver Owen took the Jabulani herd members for a mud bath. Khanyisa and Timisa were playing upfront and covering themselves in mud. Other herd members, Pisa & Somopane, stand near the young ones as they have fun.

After the mud bath, Owen takes the herd members to the dam, where they wash off all their mud. Then, Khanyisa and Timisa swim together and enjoy the cool water. The other herd members also have a good bath and submerge themselves in the water.

The other elephants, Sebakwe and Mambo, spar on the banks in the background. At the same time, Khanyisa tries to climb onto Timisa while playing in the dam. Soon, Sebakwe joins Zindoga and Pisa while swimming in the middle of the dam. Meanwhile, Limpopo can’t contain the excitement as she swims in the dam.

Slowly, the elephants start to come out of the water source. Limpopo pushes Zindoga as they leave the water. Finally, however, the other herd members return to the dam’s depths.

Later in the day, the elephants enjoy another swim at another dam and cool off. Khanyisa and the others enjoy another swim. The elephants enjoying themselves at the dam will surely bring a smile to any animal lover’s face.

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Incredibly unique baby albino elephant plays in the mud pit