A Unique Shelter In Washington Takes Dogs, But Wait Till You Find Out Their Real Motive!

It can be a sad day when you have to use a major company’s logo or design to try and make an idea more appealing. It can feel a bit like selling out at times, but I think in cases like these, it’s more often referred to as “partnering,” as their goals aren’t supposed to directly help their own companies, but rather a third party. When it comes to adoptions and rescuing a rescue, it can be a bit difficult to get behind the idea. I know that everyone is simply in LOVE with puppies. They want the youngest, most precious little fur-kid so they can spend as much time with them as possible.

Yet, this sort of thinking, while I guess to some degree I can understand, completely invalidates the merits of dogs or cats who haven’t had a loving home in years. If we are going to appreciate only the tiny or the skin-deep benefits of raising a fur-kid, then I think it’s time we reevaluate our sense of morality and beliefs.

When Puppuccino’s first hit the web, it seemed like an admirable, if not slightly sad, attempt to get more and more people interested in the rescues available and waiting to find a loving and caring home. After getting a “Puppuccino,” which is supposed to be some form of cappuccino for dogs, they sit and take pictures as the rescues get to enjoy a sweet treat. At least the dogs get a day out and about as well as a dog cappuccino.

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