University graduate texts picture to the wrong guy, the guy’s reply has the Internet cracking up

Carrying a cell phone nowadays is as common as a t-shirt or underwear. This makes sharing a picture online a very easy thing to do. Cell phones and especially smartphones help us in many ways. Unfortunately, they have also contributed in keeping us from exercising our “brain muscle.” I still remember the time where you had to remember phone numbers or at least carry an address book. It was about the same time that paper planners used to be big sellers at the beginning of each year.

All of that has now been replaced with apps that can do pretty much anything. I am not saying that apps are a terrible thing, only that many of them make our brains “lazy.” Because we don’t rely on our memory that much, it tends to get a little rusty. When we need to use it, it’s bound to make a mistake occasionally. You have probably gone through this. You send a text message only to get a wrong number. Usually, these episodes don’t go much further than a polite response. Sometimes you don’t get a response at all.

Recently, a university grad named Justin Campbell accidentally texted the wrong number. When he got the response, he saw that it was a bit more than what he bargained for! Last year, Justin graduated with a degree from Coastal Carolina University. The graduation ceremony was great, he walked the stage and received his diploma. After that, he decided to take a selfie with a friend.

He figured it would be a clever idea to send the photo to a friend. He clicks on “share” and enters a few numbers. He didn’t realize he had made a mistake dialing and ended up sending the pic to a guy named Roger. Justin tells BuzzFeed, “I just put one number in the wrong place.”

Roger, works as a real estate agent, with a punk-rock-singer job on the side. Roger is a funny guy who will not waste a good line or a chance for a comedic comeback. He replied with an enthusiastic selfie. He wrote “Congrats fellas the skies the limit!” The graduate told BuzzFeed, “The link was, like, the icing on the cake […] It’s a good link— it really is. [Roger] is a really good dude. That’s the vibe I get from him.”

Along with his fun reply, Roger also sends the graduate a link for an iTunes playlist of motivational speeches that will get you up and running. Check the video to see what they are. You won’t regret it!