An Unlikely Friendship Blossoms! The Two Babies Meet Each Other For the First Time.

There are so many species that are super friendly, even when it comes to a foreign animal out of their domain. Every day, I cross another animal friendship I had written down as “never happening.” This may be one of those cases. However, whenever there is a predatory species involved, it really boils down to integration as soon as possible to avoid a mishap later.

This lovingly small sheltie is super entranced by his smallest new friend. And this seems very true for this tiny bird. When they first come face to face, they greet each other with kisses and interest. Just by comparison, The Sheltie is a mammoth to the bird of a caveman. Yet neither seem deterred in putting their best foot forward and becoming lifelong friends!

As they start to play, they both seem a bit confused, as if they don’t understand how to play with each other, and both remain alive. The bird takes the first step, licking and kissing the fluffball right on the nose. Very square peg, round hole- very confusing. Yet, even though the confusion and a few scares, they both seem to be having a fabulous time.

Hopefully they stay together, playfully happy and respecting the size difference. Ha-ha What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment in the comment section below!

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